Stop Feeling Overwhelmed Immediately

Are you often feeling overwhelmed throughout your day? I certainly am. I work on so many projects simultaneously that I feel needed in so many places and by so many people, all at once. As an HSP, highly sensitive person, I feel a constant need to deliver and fear greatly of disappointing others. However, I […]

Deepen your Relationships by Being Vulnerable (A Blast from the Past)

Warning! This weekly challenge will require some bravery. Hey, I’m Lee Snir, a co-founder at Legendary Life. You know, Todd and I are often giving you insights, advice, and action steps, but only if we’ve done it ourselves first. Today I would like to challenge you to do something that I have recently done, and […]

Gray Hair. Don’t Care

Do women with gray hair who don’t dye their hair look like they are neglecting themselves in your opinion?  What do you think when you see a woman with gray hair? Do you think she has given up on herself? Perhaps, that she is lazy? Or maybe, because of the rat race she’s probably so […]

Karma’s A Bitch

They say that karma’s a bitch. But the truth is that it works the other way, too. I find that I am well rewarded on a regular and immediate basis for every green action that I do. Not always, but usually. On Lincoln Road, in Miami Beach, there is a Sunday Market every weekend. A […]

Minimalism- How Many Bras Do You Actually Need?

Say, how many boobs do you have? I have one pair.  Dear reader, I’m curious to know the number of bras you have in your closet? I counted 12 in mine. About six months ago I moved into an apartment and decided to significantly reduce my belongings. I’m somewhat of a nomad by choice and […]