To thank you for being part of our Legendary community, we would like to give you the opportunity to claim a completely free copy of one of our Legendary Journals, Affirmation Card sets, or a 1-year premium subscription to our Legendary Life Phone App, available on iPhone or Android. If not for you, a perfect gift for a friend, colleague or loved one.

All we ask in return is that you try our Legendary Life No Phone Challenge for 7 days and then tell us about your experience. The Legendary Life No Phone Challenge is a research-backed initiative promoting mental health by reducing overdependence on our phones and social media. It will help you break the algorithm cycle, reduce zombie scrolling and provide you with the thinking space required to make your phone and social media use that much more intentional. Use your phone – don’t let your phone use you!



What can you claim?

At Legendary Life we champion mental health and human optimization. We want you to achieve success in your life, whatever success means to you. All our Legendary products are designed with this focus in mind.

We understand that everyone is different and want to make sure that you can claim whichever one of our Legendary products will have the greatest impact on your life, or the life of someone you know. For this reason, any one of the following products can be claimed completely free of charge:

– The Legendary Day Life Morning Journal
– The Legendary Night Life Evening Journal
– The Legendary Visualization Journal
The Legendary Relationship Journal
The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal

Affirmation Card Sets:
– The Legendary Affirmation Cards
– The Legendary Affirmation Cards – Youth Edition
– The Legendary Affirmation Cards – Expansion Packs

Or, instead, you can claim a free Premium Subscription of our Legendary Life Phone App!

In addition to the above, we may also share any posts you make about the challenge on our social media platforms. When we do, we will always @ your socials so our community can follow you if they so wish. Be sure to @ our socials when posting – @liveyourlegendarylife on Instagram.

How do I claim my free journal, affirmation cards set, or premium subscription to the Legendary Life Phone App?

To claim your free journal, affirmation cards set, or premium subscription to the Legendary Life Phone App, you must do the following:

  1. Complete a 7-day version of the Legendary Life No Phone Challenge. All the information you need is available on our website, here.
  2. Share the FIRST DAY COMPLETED badge on your social media. Available to download from here. Please use the hashtag #LLNOPHONECHALLENGE when sharing and don’t forget to @liveyourlegendarylife on Instagram so we can share your story.
  3. Send us a video of yourself talking about the challenge. Please tell us the following: a) Was the challenge a positive experience? If so, why? b) Did the challenge help you do anything that you wouldn’t have done otherwise? For example, connecting with an old friend, less social media usage, feeling more positive, etc… c) Are you likely to recommend the challenge to others?


Please send us your video online here. We may use your video on our social media, when interacting with our community and when promoting the challenge. Full terms here.

What is the LL No Phone Challenge

The Legendary Life No Phone Challenge isn’t anti-phone, anti-tech, anti-corporate or anti-anything. It is pro-mental health, pro-self-optimization and actualization. Our personal devices provide many benefits when used consciously as tools to improve and augment our lives. However, they aren’t positive when you treat them as “your life”. At that point they are using you as the tool instead of vice versa. We’ve been programmed to see our phones as extensions of and integral parts of our very existence.

Legendary Life will provide all the free tools, technology, guidance, and support anyone could need to successfully tackle this challenge while at the same time having fun, spreading awareness about an important topic, and promoting some friendly competition across communities.

One of the goals of this challenge is for people to make the choice to consciously deprogram themselves. To once again see their phones and apps, simply as tools to enhance, educate, and connect them to the people, places, and things in the real world that they want to experience.

Our larger goal, in addition to challenging our community to take an action that will improve their productivity and personal mental health, is to bring awareness and support to the global mental health crisis that we currently face.

We have provided all the tools and technology required to complete the #LLNoPhoneChallenge. Click here to GO TO OUR WEBSITE. There, you will find progress badges to download and post on your social media that let your friends and followers know you are taking part, as well as the stage that you are at. You’ll also find the challenge’s rules and a lot more information to get you excited. Remember, challenges are always more fun when you do them with others, so don’t forget to forward the Legendary Life No Phone Challenge to your family, friends and colleagues.

Give yourself the best chance of completing the Legendary Life No Phone Challenge by downloading the Legendary Life Phone App, featuring the ‘No Phone Challenge’ module.




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#LiveYourLegend Weekly Challenge

Help us make more people aware of the #LLNoPhoneChallenge. Together, as a community, we are stronger. We have the power to take control of our own mental health and push this positivity far and wide throughout our communities. This week, we need your help! Complete the 7-day version of the Legendary Life No Phone Challenge and send in a video telling us all about your experience.

Affirmations are awesome

Final Thoughts

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

Margaret J. Wheatley


With the support of our community and the free tools and information available here, join the Legendary Life No Phone Challenge. Remove the dependency you have on your mobile and re-connect with yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.


Build your Legend with the rest of the community.