With the power of the Internet, people have access to an essentially unlimited amount of knowledge and education. This comes in the form of free and paid options. It just depends what your goal is! 

Trying to learn a new dance style? Need help understanding a mathematics formula? Just curious about the Theory of Relativity? Want to start your own business?

The information is out there.


Academia is not for all

While many technical fields require traditional education & certifications, academia is not for all. At the same time, academia suits many people as well. It really depends on your own stage and place in life, because it may be that in that moment, a vocational diploma or college degree may be what you need, or want.


While this may seem like an old-fashioned way of gaining a skillset, sometimes it is the best way. There are some fields within the arts or trades where hands on work alongside a mentor is the way to best achieve your skillset and master the practice.

Academia may be for you...

Well, certainly, there may be those times when studying towards that college degree or certificate may be the right and best path, or at least a door opener. As one of our Legendary Life team members puts it, “Vocational education was my way to not only get my foot in the door to the professional world, but to also support myself financially while I went on to study my undergrad.”

Mixed education

Maybe you are tired of working that government job as a civil engineer, but have decided you want to pursue a passion that helps to fight climate change, so you take your formal academic background and work experience and work on new apartment projects to create more sustainable structures and spaces for our future. In order do that you may need to go for additional certifications, take continuing education courses, or maybe even browse through Youtube.


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Final Thoughts

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

W.B. Yeats

Mastermind 2021

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