How to beat the “Sunday Scaries”

When you work a standard 9-5, or any job really, Mondays are the worst. You’ve made it through the five days and in a blink of an eye, Sunday rolls around and suddenly the anxiety of doing it all over again sets in. Most of us are never “ready” for Monday.

What if we told you that there’s a way to actually look forward to Mondays?

Since we love you so much, we’ve compiled some quick tips to help you kill the “Sunday Scaries” and start the week of feeling refreshed and exited.
Let’s do this.



Think of the weekend as a staycation

Use mindfulness to rebrand your weekends. Oftentimes, we view the weekend as a way to catch up on errands or the pesky stuff we didn’t have time for during the week. Yeah, these things are necessary to get done, but rework the way you think about it. We also suggest moving these “life maintenance” activities to Friday. That way, there’s less laundry and grocery shopping on Sunday and more time dedicated to you.

Also, sleep more. On vacation that’s usually what you do, right? Sometimes it’s OK to miss that 9am workout class if you want to sleep. Take more time to rest and schedule more time for yourself.


Yeah, we said it. Don’t check your emails that you have no intention of solving until Monday. Wire your brain to turn off work and turn on relaxation. We understand that this takes a lot of time and will power, but we believe in you. Creating a healthy work-life balance is key to maintaining a healthy brain.

Draw boundaries for yourself. This time is your time. You’ve worked hard to deserve this “you time”. If your job requires you to always be “plugged in” perhaps there is a way to incorporate more of this unplugged time throughout the week to make up for it. Bottom line, you need to unplug sometimes.

Make Monday better

Create a Monday morning routine that is more enjoyable. Schedule a lunch with a friend, wake up a little earlier to really enjoy that cup of coffee, take a few more walks during the day to get away from your desk. Sure, Mondays will probably never be as good as Saturdays, but allow a little of your weekend vibe to spill over to make the transition a little easier.


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#LiveYourLegend Weekly Challenge

Make Friday your “life maintenance day.” Run those errands, do the laundry, buy the groceries. See how it makes you feel on Sunday to have all of that behind you.

Final Thoughts

“Oh, come on. It’s Monday, not doomsday.”



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