Last week we explained the Seven Dimensions of Wellness. As stated, most people view wellness as something physical — however, that isn’t the case. There are several facets to wellness and different practices we can incorporate to achieve them. 

This week we want to focus on the Spiritual Dimension of Wellness defined as, “possessing a set of guiding beliefs, principles, or values that help give direction to one’s life. It encompasses a high level of faith, hope and commitment to your individual beliefs that provide a sense of meaning and purpose.” 

We believe that every human was put on this Earth with a pre-determined destiny. By connecting to some higher power, we are able to see our destiny with more clarity. 

Here are some tips to help you achieve the Spiritual Dimension of Wellness. 


Explore your spiritual core

Spend time alone/meditate regularly

Be inquisitive and curious

Be fully present in everything you do

Listen with your heart and live by your principles

Allow yourself and those around you the freedom to be who they are

See opportunities for growth in the challenges
life brings you

We can achieve the above list through various techniques including: meditation, journaling, yoga, deep breathing exercises and any other exercise that allows you to be present with yourself and your thoughts. 


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Explore your Spirtual Dimension. While being alone with your thoughts can be scary, it can also be extremely therapeutic and eye-opening. Find you inner peace. 

Final Thoughts

“Dare to love yourself
as if you were a rainbow
with gold at both ends.”

Poet Aberjhani


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