How to Self-Care based on your Zodiac Sign

It’s important to implement some sort of self care practice into your every day routine. Whether it’s sweating it out on a spin bike at 6am, going for a walk on your lunch break or dedicating five minutes to meditate before you go to bed, it’s important to give your mind a break at some point during the day.

Most of you reading this know your zodiac sign — each with different characteristics and habits. Self care doesn’t need to be crazy complex, but wouldn’t it be cool to know what self care practice coincides best with your sign? We’re here to help.




You are a natural competitor and have a natural need for an adrenaline rush. Any high paced group fitness classes that get your heart rate up is what you should aim for.


You have a lot of feels and love to be in touch with your body and relax. Try out a Reiki treatment or massage.


You’re emotional and intuitive and need the time of day where you can relax and connect with your inner spirit. We encourage you to try metta meditation.


You’re fire. Always on the go looking for the next thing to do on your list. While we appreciate the ambition, you can best benefit from a short nap to avoid burnout.


You love making anywhere feel like home. You’re crafty and creative — we encourage a fun DIY project. Paint a “statement” wall. Fix up that old wooden chair. Get your hands dirty!


So you’re not the greatest at expressing your emotions but believe it or not, talking about your feelings can actually make you feel a lot better. Try talk therapy for an hour a week.


You love your independence and expanding your mind in solitude. Take some time each day and sit down with a good book.


We admire your ambition, Capricorn. You get the job done, whatever it may be. But sometimes you overwhelm yourself. Try taking a hike — while still stimulating, it’ll give you the break you need.


Historically, you are the “mystical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land.” It’s no surprise that you’ll benefit best from a warm bath. Try incorporating Epsom Salt or eucalyptus to make it extra special.


Ahhh, the emotional sign. You are always feeling all the feels. We recommend journaling once a day. Whether it’s for five minutes or two hours, getting your thoughts out on paper will be very beneficial.

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