New Years Resolutions. We all do it. A new year is a metaphorical clean slate to improve yourself — to set new goals that will turn you into a better version of who you were…well that’s what we intend them to do.

The idea of setting resolutions is great in theory, however, the problem arises in actually maintaining these resolutions and turning them into habits.

Below you’ll find some tips for setting realistic resolutions that will help you in the long term too.


Think of resolutions as an opportunity to try new things

Resolutions should not seem like punishments; if you try to make them fun, you will be more likely to stick with them. Rather than say “lose 20 pounds” — turn it into a hobby. Go for a walk in the morning. Try a new gym class. Take up long distance running. Make sure it’s something you enjoy and turn it into a journey for yourself.

Make a plan early

Studies show that people who make impulsive resolutions are less likely to stick to them. Think about what is most important to you and create strategies to deal with the problems and setbacks that will come up as you move towards your goal.

Constantly remind yourself that you have the power to change

We are our own worst critics. Every action, every emotion we feel, our learned behaviors — we have total control over them. When you find yourself slipping from your resolutions, YOU have the power to get back on track.

Find a resolution buddy

Don’t go at it alone! Write down your resolutions and share them with a friend or loved one — now you have an accountability partner! Maybe they’ll want to join, too. This way, you’ll also get a sense of satisfaction from helping your friend accomplish his or her goals, too.


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Final Thoughts

“Life’s not about expecting, hoping and wishing, it’s about doing, being and becoming.”

Steve Maraboli


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