For the past couple of years, the concept of minimalism has spread wildly and strongly worldwide. Contrary to what many would presume, research shows that having less empowers you to achieve more. When we, as individuals and organizations, focus on accumulation, we tend to move away from our goals or whatever would truly realize our objectives.

Imagine being asked to complete a task for someone and agreeing to do it. If that person then offered you more to complete the task – money, resources, knowledge, employees – logically, you may presume that it would be in your best interest to accept this. Well, it depends. If your sole interest is in completing the task, research shows that you negatively impact your chances of doing so if you switch to an accumulation mindset. We tend to believe that the reason for our success is having more resources. This is called “chasing” or what psychologists call “mindless accumulation”. In truth, if you were able to complete the task without additional resources, there is a far stronger correlation between accumulation and losing focus than there is between increased resources and task completion.

The stuff we accumulate weighs on us to the point of distraction. The effect of which is so powerful that the more we have, the more likely we are to lose sight of our goals. Consider the writer that pens their novel on a desk full of stuff they have accumulated over the years. Now consider that same writer with a clean and tidy desk, perhaps in an empty, or at the very least, tidy room. How would adopting a more minimalistic approach affect the writer’s ability to concentrate and stay focused? How much more likely would they be to complete their novel on schedule? The same is true of any task they plan on undertaking.

What could a minimalistic mindset do for you?


Minimalism embodies many principles shared by the self-help community. For many people, decluttering their environment is often the first major step towards decluttering their mind. When paired with other self-help practices, such as journaling, the effect can be considerably more powerful. The only drawback being that the balance is very hard to achieve; the very nature of journaling, when done with commitment and intent, often results in people purchasing numerous journaling products to meet the full breadth of their needs, and this, in turn, has the adverse effect in that it tends to clutter both their environment and mind.

The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal, available now from the Legendary Life online store, is a completely new journaling product designed to meet the needs of those interested in a minimalistic approach. It provides numerous science-backed functions; many of which would ordinarily require multiple specialist journals to achieve. If you are interested in self-optimization and gratitude and are looking for a single journal that meets all your needs, The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal is just that; ‘perfect’ for you.

ALL-IN-ONE COMPREHENSIVE JOURNAL: The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal has 5 different, recurring elements: A CUSTOM HABIT TRACKER as well as MONTH IN A GLANCE, THIS WEEK, DAY AND NIGHT, and the DO YOUR THING pages. This comprehensive format gives users everything needed to empower and inspire them to optimize their mindset, organize, reflect, practice gratitude, pursue their goals & dreams and take ownership of their lives.

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES PROVIDE MOTIVATION: The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal is full of inspirational quotes from celebrated people, designed to keep you on track and motivated as you progress along your journey towards your goals.

THE PERFECT GIFT: Designed in a unisex motif, it makes a great gift for any gender, and since the pages are undated, the journal is evergreen.

PERFECTLY MINIMALIST: Recently, the minimalist lifestyle has spread like wildfire worldwide. Consumers all over the world are searching for quality products that fit their new values and standards. The minimalism and self-development community go hand in hand and The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal serves both.

A UNIQUE, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN DESIGN: The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal is a premium quality product that has been designed with consistent use in mind. The pages are made from premium quality paper stock that will not bleed through. The hardback bound cover with soft-touch lamination is sleek and on-trend, yet eye-catching, beautiful, and ideal for journaling. At 5 x 9 inches, The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal will comfortably fit in most handbags, tote bags, laptop bags or briefcases.



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The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal is full of useful prompts that will guide you as you practice gratitude. Feel the benefits of this practice in just 1 week by using the following prompt and writing down a brief response to it each evening for a whole week:
The best part of today was…

Final Thoughts

“Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding.”

Jen Williamson


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