Karma’s A Bitch

They say that karma’s a bitch. But the truth is that it works the other way, too.

I find that I am well rewarded on a regular and immediate basis for every green action that I do. Not always, but usually.

On Lincoln Road, in Miami Beach, there is a Sunday Market every weekend. A variety of second-hand products for sale and rare art items are offered here to any tourist or resident who might be interested in these treasures. 

However, the absolutely most fun part of each Sunday Market, is that there is a coconut shake offered at one of the stands! <3

One of the simplest ways for us to reduce the waste we produce, is to carry in advance what we think will need or help us in our day to day adventures. Buying my shake in a plastic cup and after a few minutes of indulgence promptly throwing it in the trash can, does not give me joy. I’m not happy to know that because I drank a shake for 15 minutes, I created waste that will stay here long after I am gone myself! But… I won’t give up on my favorite shake 🙂 Simply, because I’m here now, and one day I won’t be.

I am here, on this planet, for a short amount of time. The plastic cup is not. I come to the coconut shake booth at the Sunday Market with a reusable cup of my own, which I fill repeatedly and it has accompanied me throughout my travels and experiences. The seller at the booth already recognizes me. Because really, how many people are coming to his booth and asking him for a shake in a Slytherin cup. I am a rare sight, if I do say so myself, honestly, how can he forget 🙂

Because he already recognizes me as a repeat customer, he is quite indulgent.He always fills my cup with a 400ml smoothie even though I pay for the 300 ml cup. When I do a good deed, I receive a good one back, on a regular basis. 

I think one of the reasons we refrain from doing things like asking a vendor to utilize their cup from home, is the feeling that we’re bothering people by doing so, it sets you apart from others and that seemingly bizarre act can feel uncomfortable.

For me, it’s a sincere pleasure to do things like that. I take advantage of those opportunities for some small activism. When the flight attendant walks over to me and offers something to drink, I say to her, ‘Yes, I’d love to, can you fill my glass, please? I prefer not to use a single-use plastic, it’s non biodegradable.’

I do it pleasantly, gently, and present it as a question. Not as a command or a duty. That’s one sentence. I don’t give an hour-long lecture. They always fill my glass to the top and with an abundance of ice.  Although, I do explain to them that it’s okay if they fill my cup just a bit, as if they were filling it in a small plastic cup just like for the rest of the people who are flying.

Yet, when I do a  green action, somehow I always get rewarded.

Both the flight attendants and those sitting next to me received a message and saw a personal example. It won’t make them stop using single-use plastic once and for all, of course. But I did bring it forward to their conscious mind the issue and problem of it all and that there was a simple way to reduce harm to the environment.

In conclusion, get out of the house with what you think you will need, and get over the feeling that it is awkward. As you begin to practice it more it will become a habit and easier to do.

Don’t forget that Karma is a bitch. But she can go the other way too. Like John Lennon sang, “Instant karma’s gonna get you!” 

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