When Carroll Bryant first uttered this famous quote, it was in consideration of the sometimes complex, yet often glorious intertwining of marriage. That definable moment in time when two people commit themselves to one another in celebration of their love, their journey and their shared future. Though marriage may have inspired Carroll Bryant, the notion that love is constantly under construction is applicable, with equal relevance, to the myriad of relationships we form with ourselves and each other. To love oneself requires constant refinement and dedication. To bask in the glorious sunshine of love, you must be prepared for its many forms. Are you open to love? Would you put the effort in to truly receive it and to give it fully?


Love takes time (Don’t swipe left too quickly!)

Dating Apps have all but condemned the long-established art of courting to a different age. But for all the good they have done – we all know someone who met their partner through one of them – they have revolutionised dating culture in a rather alarming way. Studies show that consistent use of Dating Apps drastically reduces the time one is willing to spend getting to know a potential suiter. In fact, many now determine instant connection as being the critical overriding factor that determines whether they will even remain on the date. Imagine that! Sitting across the table from your date and visualising ‘swiping left’ – the act of switching them out for a more suitable person based solely on ‘instant connection’.

Now ask yourself; would someone’s instant impression of you, interpreted within the first minute of meeting/seeing you, give them any meaningful understanding of who you are? Highly unlikely! How many great love affairs of the past would have fallen at the first hurdle if they were judged so quickly and so critically?

Love yourself completely

In a world of 7.7 billion people, there is only one you. You are uniquely special and must be treated so. The attraction others have to you is often a reflection of how committed you are to loving yourself. The same is true of the way you are treated by others.

Look at your typical day or week. Of all the hours you spend fulfilling your duties to work, your family, or friends, what is the total time you spend on loving yourself? For the majority of people, time spent on themselves pales into insignificance when compared to time spent doing everything else. Even meaningless tasks take precedence over tasks geared towards loving yourself. How does this affect the energy you put out into the universe? Take time to love yourself completely and by doing so, you will build a beacon for love that is ready for someone to come along and light.

Fastrack the love in your relationships through journaling

You and your partner (or prospective partner, of course!) deserve a Legendary relationship. Believe this in your heart and make it become your reality. Research shows that healthy, intimate relationships provide benefits far beyond fulfilling our need for love and companionship. Positive relationships help people cope better with stress, practice healthier habits, and build stronger resistance to disease. People in healthy, positive, committed relationships have even been shown to be more statistically prone to longer lifespans, on average, than others.

Simply willing yourself to have a Legendary relationship is not enough. It is only through commitment and dedication that the world truly becomes your oyster. If you are unsure where to begin, you need not worry. Here at Legendary Life, we have you covered. Our Legendary Relationship Journal was developed specifically to be used jointly by people who are extremely significant to each other. Backed by research-based methodologies, it provides couples with a guided, practical roadmap to invest in their most trusted relationships. Plus, it’s fun to fill in, and covers a wide range of topics designed to boost communication and strengthen the bond you have with your loved one.

The Legendary Relationship Journal contains all the features below:

My Atmosphere: Define what is important to you as an individual. This serves as a great starting point as you and your partner openly communicate your desires for the relationship.

Our Atmosphere: Define your shared desires for the relationship. Having a clear shared vision is an important step in achieving a relationship atmosphere that works for both you and your partner.

Setting Big Goals: This is the place for you, as a couple, to aim for the big goals you wish to pursue and achieve together. Big goals typically take months or even years to achieve – such as, buying a house or getting married.

Setting Goals for Next Week: In this section, we focus on the smaller, often recurring goals in our lives. What goals are important for you to achieve on a weekly basis?

Let’s Review Last Week: This feature, allows you and your partner to quickly assess the progress that was made towards the smaller goals that were set at the beginning of the week.

Let’s Chat: Communication is key to having a legendary relationship. This section of the journal will spark communication with carefully selected prompts designed to engage you and your partner in positive dialogue.

Progressing Towards Big Goals: This fun-to-complete section serves as a much-needed check-up where progress towards the big goals set earlier in the journal can be measured. Due to the carefully considered design, this section – inserted once per month – can be used to quickly draw comparisons with previous entries, making progress even easier to check/measure.

Let’s Save Together: Planning a holiday? Considering budgeting for a new house? Whatever your shared goals are, if they require budgeting to achieve, this section – that includes numerous tools – will help you save together.


Are you ready to start journaling as a couple? Keep watching this space. We’ll be announcing the launch of the Legendary Relationship Journal very soon indeed and it will be available on our online store, here.


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Final Thoughts

“We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.”

John Lennon


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