Marie Kondo-ing Your Life

Unless you’ve been living in solitude, you’re probably familiar
with the Netflix hit, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, where pro-organizer Marie Kondo helps individuals and families from all of over…well, tidy up.

Kondo assists her clients in clearing out the clutter and choosing joy in a series of inspiring home makeovers. Having an organized home not only makes you feel good, but you can teach yourself how to apply this “Marie Kondo method” into life outside of the home.

This week, we’re talking about steps to “Marie Kondo” your world. Life can be crazy. We all have piles and piles of clutter to sort through every day and being more intentional with how you approach it can make all the difference.



Step one: Declutter your space

There’s several studies that prove having an organized physical space helps your mental psyche feel more at ease.

If you haven’t watched the Marie Kondo show, we encourage you to read this article with quick tips on how to declutter your space and maintain it.

Step two: Have a "power" day

What’s a “power” day? You know those pesky little tasks that have been looming over your head that you need to get done but you consistently
push them off? These little tasks add up and can leave you in a constant state of anxiety over them.

Pay that electric bill.
Fix the crooked photo on the wall.
Book that doctor’s appointment.

These seem insignificant, but oftentimes they cause far more stress than needed. Build out a list, set a day and get it done.

Step three: Be intentional

Write down areas of your life that are unorganized.
But, what if my WHOLE life feels like a mess?

Deep breaths. Write it down. Make a plan. Be intentional.

Prioritize what needs to get fixed sooner rather than later. Maybe it’s your finances. Your job. Your relationship with your mother. Whatever it is, write it down and make a plan.

Figure out what you need to fix to get to where you need to be.


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“Organize your life around your dreams — and watch them come true.”

Final Thoughts

“Organize your life around your dreams — and watch them come true.”



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