Millennials are called a lot of things, but “anxious” is among the most accurate — statistically. 

It’s a generation of thinkers and innovators. A generation grown up on technology and accustomed to a digitally driven world. They have always had the “world” at their fingertips — literally. Having so much access to information at all hours the day leaves lots of room for mental health issues and anxiety.

Millennials: We’re here to help recognize what stresses you out the most and how you can combat it. 



Money + Job Security

According to a survey released this summer, 52 percent of millennial women said money issues as the most stressful part of their lives. This stems from low entry-level salaries, high student debt and rising cost of living in big cities. When you’re “low on the totem pole” you’re unfortunately more replaceable than those higher up executives. We understand how this can be stressful. 

It’s important to start budgeting and saving early. Don’t open endless credit cards, spend your money in a mindful way. We’re not saying you can’t “treat yourself” but  don’t let this add up to even more debt.


Millennials are engaged and aware of the political environment, but feel very helpless when it comes to changing things they don’t agree with. It’s easy to consume news from multiple different sources all in the matter of minutes — which can be very overwhelming.

If the political climate is stressing you out, try limiting your access to it. You can still be an engaged citizen without constantly refreshing Twitter and checking CNN notifications on your phone. Limit your time with it more. Spend it having light, fun and engaging conversations with friends about stuff that brings you joy. 

Being Alone

Dating apps are supposed to make it easier to find love, but with so many options, who’s to say there’s not someone better out there than the current date you’re on? It can be very overwhelming and exhausting to find a partner that complements your life in a healthy way.

This can lead to lots of negative thoughts revolving around loneliness and questioning if you’ll ever find The One. According to a relationship expert, this kind of anxiety is very common.

“The remedy for the negativity, and to engender healthy relationships, is multifaceted. We explore setting good boundaries, noticing patterns of relational interaction from childhood in order to develop more conscious relationships, and getting clear on what they want and need in their relationships,” psychologist Aimee Daramus, PsyD.


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Final Thoughts

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.”

Steve Maraboli


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