NEWS FLASH: Coffee Actually has health benefits

The one thing that keeps most of us awake during the day has a bad rep.

Studies have shown coffee is addictive, can cause anxiety and disrupt sleep. While none of these findings are inaccurate, sometimes it feels impossible to go a morning without that cup of joe (or two).

We like to preach the idea that life is best lived in moderation. Don’t do too much of one thing without spending some time doing the other. You can apply that principle to coffee drinking. In moderation, coffee actually has some health benefits worth noting.



It’s high in essential nutrients

Coffee includes riboflavin (for making red blood cells), manganese (for bone development and metabolism), potassium (for lower blood pressure), and magnesium (for energy production and sleep)…just to name a few.

It can drastically improve physical performance

As a surprise to no one, coffee helps boost your energy, making it a great beverage to consume before the gym (experts suggest 30 minutes before). It increases adrenaline levels and helps release fatty acids from your fat tissues.

It’s packed with antioxidiants

Antioxidants help reduce inflammation and mortality risk. Fun fact: many people get more antioxidants from coffee than from fruits and veggies combined. But, please, eat your fruits and veggies too.


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Try to curb your indulgences into something you consume in moderation. Your body will thank you!

Final Thoughts

“Smell the roses. Smell the coffee. Whatever it is that makes you happy.”

Rita Moreno


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