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No Phone Challenge. It’s easy to make yourself feel bad for being addicted to your phones and mindless scrolling. However, the tech companies have invested billions of dollars in literally hacking our brains so that they can create sophisticated algorithms that feed us individually crafted content meant to keep us angry, scared, jealous, wanting, and constantly engaged with their platforms. Thus keeping your eyeballs on their advertisers and maximizing their profits. This addiction to our screens has been a catalyst for an unprecedented rise in mental health challenges across all age groups and demographics. One of the biggest tragedies is that it has made it very difficult for many of us to be able to practice being present and engaged in “the real world” and with the environment actually around us. It’s time to get our phone time and “real-world” time back into balance.

So what can we do to break the addiction and its mental health impact while also bringing awareness to the positive aspects of regularly unplugging? By hacking our own subconscious. By taking back conscious sovereignty of our own minds. By resetting our brains back to “factory settings”. By reconditioning ourselves in a conscious, positive way through taking part in Legendary Life’s “No Phone Challenge” (#LLNoPhoneChallenge).

The “No Phone Challenge” is fun, positive, easy-to-participate-in, and for all-ages. We are encouraging our entire community and beyond to consider participating in this important challenge. The Legendary Life No Phone Challenge is designed to encourage and incentivize people to a) create a regular practice of turning their phone off and disconnecting from technology for a certain amount of time each day, and b) refrain from using their phone while performing certain activities which would normally involve high utilization of their device.

Legendary Life will provide you with all the free tools, technology, and framework of suggested rules you need to successfully tackle this challenge while at the same time having fun, spreading awareness about an important topic and promoting some friendly competition across your communities.

This challenge isn’t anti-phone or anti-tech, anti-corporate or anti-anything. All of these things can be positive when used consciously as tools. However, they aren’t positive when they are effectively using you. One of the goals of this challenge is for you to consciously deprogram yourself to once again see your phone, its apps, and the content it connects you to as simply tools to enhance you, educate you, and connect you to people, places, and things in “the real world.”

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Give yourself the best chance of completing the Legendary Life No Phone Challenge by downloading the Legendary Life Phone App, featuring the ‘No Phone Challenge’ module. For more information, click here.


TURN off YOUR Phone 4 times each day for 66 days

There are three mandatory times that you must shut off your phone each day as well as one additional “flex hour”.

To complete the No Phone Challenge, your phone should be completely shut off:

While you sleep.

For the first hour after you wake (while you are executing on your morning routine)

For the final hour of the day before you go to bed (while you are executing on your evening routine)

For an additional “flex hour” of your choice during the day. This can be during your lunch, your dinner, your gym time, during your daily walk, coffee break. Whatever you prefer.


Keep your friends up to date with your progress by downloading and then sharing the below stage markers via social media. Simply click on the image that corresponds with the stage that you have reached and it will automatically download. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #nophonechallenge when posting on social media!


first week completed

halfway point

missed a day

challenge completed

the rules

No Phone Challenge - Success


Have you successfully completed the #LLNoPhoneChallenge? Congratulations! We know it wasn’t easy! Below are the next steps to follow to inspire others and reach Legend Level.

1. Share your experience! Make a video of yourself describing your experience with the #LLNoPhoneChallenge and share it with your followers and the Legendary Life community. Don’t forget to also post the Completion Badge, available for download.

2. Challenge others! It is now up to you to decide who you wish to challenge. We would like you to pick the 3 people in your life that you believe would benefit the most from the #LLNoPhoneChallenge. Think long and hard – this is a wonderful opportunity to have a positive impact on someone’s life. Please consider all your friends, family and colleagues.

3. Become a LEGEND. For those that wish to challenge themselves further, why not attempt the #LLNoPhoneChallenge LEGEND LEVEL. In addition to completing all the components of the #LLNoPhoneChallenge, please also complete the following:

Conduct a detailed time management assessment and Implement a time management strategy.

Implement a new minimalism strategy. At least 15 minutes per day of physical and / or digital decluttering.

Dedicate at least 30 minutes per day to education / learning.

Delete the social media apps from your phone altogether. Only access your socials on your laptop / tablet during scheduled times.

Turn your phone on silent with no vibrate all day. Make your calendar notifications, your significant other and children the only exceptions.

Stop answering unscheduled phone calls altogether. Change your voicemail to tell people to email or text you their issue.

Implement “office hours” for replying to emails as well as texts, Slack communications, etc. Especially for business / work communications.


Have you completed the Legendary Life No Phone Challenge? If so, we would love to hear from you! Please send in a short video of yourself talking about your experience. Did you find the challenge beneficial? Would you recommend it to others? What did you end up doing during the challenge that you otherwise wouldn’t have done?

The max file size for uploads is 20mb. If this is too small for your video upload, please get in touch!