Mental health comprises our social, emotional, and psychological well-being. It contributes to, and often controls, how we think, feel, and ultimately, act, determining how we as individuals handle stress, develop relationships, and make healthier choices. Whilst our mental health is important at all stages of life, studies have shown that those who develop the techniques to manage and improve their mental health when young, are more likely to maintain a healthy outlook as they become young adults and beyond. It is therefore important to ensure our young people have the necessary tools to understand their mental health, plot a course towards their desired state of mind, and to achieve a consistent level of mental health that opens them up to explore their full potential, make long-lasting healthy relationships and have a happy life, no matter what events – fortunate or unfortunate – that life throws their way.

Thankfully, there is a very simple science-backed method that is just as relevant to young people as it is to adults. Welcome to the wonderfully positive and powerful world of youth affirmations.


What are Youth Affirmations

Affirmations are a self-help strategy to promote self-confidence and a belief in your own ability. This is achieved through the repetition of positive, intentionally self-fulfilling statements, aimed at reducing negative thoughts and shifting your mindset, bringing goals within reach, paving the way towards living a more rewarding, content life.

Regular repetition of affirming statements can encourage your brain to treat said statements as though they are fact. It is this effect that can be utilized during affirmation practice to set the tone of who you are, and who you will become. Statements such as ‘I care about my health and eat nutritious food to nourish my body’, when repeated with intent, condition your brain to look more positively at healthy choices; especially those decisions that would otherwise be challenging to do. The same is true of negative affirmations; if you constantly put yourself down, you run the risk of speaking negativity into truth.

Youth Affirmations follow the same principles; the only difference being that the statements used are specifically designed to promote mental health and a positive outlook for young people. This focuses primarily on confidence and other aspects that increase feelings of contentment, contributing to an improved ability to make long-lasting healthy relationships with exercise, hard-work, food, and other people.

How to use Youth Affirmations with your child

The simplest way to access a quality affirmation practice with your child is through an affirmation card set designed specifically to meet their needs. Here at Legendary Life, we’ve created a Youth Edition of our (#1 rated on Amazon) Affirmation Card set. Suitable for ages 7+ and containing lots of never-before-seen features, the ‘Legendary Life Affirmation Cards – Youth Edition’ is the perfect aid to support your child as they begin or develop their affirmation practice. Continue to follow our newsletter and we will announce in the next few weeks when they are available to purchase in our online store, here. They’re likely to sell out quick!

Below are some of the wonderful ways we recommend using the ‘Legendary Life Affirmation Cards – Youth Edition’:

Bookend the day: Each morning, shuffle a pack of ‘Legendary Life Affirmation Cards – Youth Edition’ and ask your child to take one affirmation card at random. This card will become their morning affirmation, carrying them through the day. Repeat the process in the evening so that your child selects their evening affirmation card. By bookending the day with affirmation practice, you will create a bonding opportunity between yourself and your child, whilst ensuring they start and end the day feeling empowered. We recommend that adults also pick an affirmation card and discuss what it means to them. This will further boost the experience.

Unexpected affirmation: Secretly sneak a loving affirmation card into your child’s lunch box for a perfect mid-day hug, even when you’re apart. The ‘Legendary Life Affirmation Cards – Youth Edition’ are compact and perfect for on-the-go.

Make your own: We include 20 blank cards and emoji stickers so that young people can create their own personalized affirmations.

Gift an affirmation card: Use the ‘Legendary Life Affirmation Cards – Youth Edition’ to make new friends or solidify existing friendships. Gift an affirmation card to a friend. You can either make your own affirmation card – pick one of the blank cards provided, write your affirmation message, and then use the emoji sticker that best represents your affirmation – or select from one of the 90 research-baked affirmation cards included within ever pack.


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#LiveYourLegend Weekly Challenge

Shuffle your deck of Legendary Life Affirmation Cards (either Original, Youth Edition or Expansion Packs). Select a card at random and leave it somewhere that will ensure you (or your child) see it sporadically throughout the week. Each time that you (or your child) notice the card, state the affirmation out load with intent.

Final Thoughts

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.”



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