Lee Snir - Co-Founder, Legendary Life

A founding partner of Legendary Life, Lee is an international entrepreneur, active environmental advocate, coach, in-demand speaker, writer and influencer in her native Israel and beyond.

Lee is an expert on journaling, she has extensive coaching experience, speaks four languages, has run an educational eco-farm, is a skilled and certified Naturopath and even holds several patents for natural formulas she has developed for essential oils and soy candles that assist with everything from stress to hemorrhoids! Lee has been quoted and interviewed extensively in publications and on national television in her homeland. In short, Lee is a resident expert on “Living Your Legend”

Lee is at the forefront of creating the content and layout for our Legendary Journal series and spends much of her time developing the concepts and content behind Legendary Life’s physical and digital products’ pipeline.

Lee also takes a central role in creating and presenting content at Legendary Life’s “Live Your Legend” Masterminds. Among other things, Lee leads sessions on ‘Journaling’, ‘Preparing your Home and Health to Live Your Legend’ as well as sessions on ‘Developing Your Ideal 360 Degree Morning Routine and Making It An Unbreakable Habit’. Lee also was the lead in developing Legendary Life’s custom content around implementing “New Minimalism” and “Hygge”. This content is also presented by Lee exclusively in our “Live Your Legend” Masterminds.

Legendary Life’s primary ethos from the start has been to Live a Legendary Life, but to do so with compassion and empathy for other people, animals, and the environment. Among the many hats that Lee wears, maybe the most important one is in the role she has created for herself as Legendary Life’s conscious and “Chief Compassion and Accountability Officer“.

In Lee’s Own Words:

“As an individual with many interests and a burning desire and ambition to constantly maintain my growth and development, I have always been drawn to learning about (some say obsessively studying) a wide variety of subjects that many would associate with self-development and optimization. I’ve achieved degrees, certifications and proficiency in several areas including naturopathy, fitness, wellbeing, mindset, habit ideology, journaling, achievement culture, minimalism and hygge. I consider my thirst for knowledge and years of study in these areas to have been the foundation, inspiration and motivation to co-create a brand and community focused on total human optimization and Living Your Legend.”

“I am a highly sensitive person and somewhat challenged with sensory regulation, which tends to make me extra empathetic and compassionate to other people, animals and the earth, whom I perceive as a meaningful entity in itself. This sensitivity also drove me to pay special attention to what I am surrounded with – what kind of ‘energy’ / ‘vibes’ / ‘feelings’ are coming from my physical space, my job and the people and objects around me.”

“For years I suffered from anxiety, obsessive thinking over mistakes I’d made in the past, unhealthy focus on bad memories, and most of all the feeling that I had to prove my worth to the world. Those feelings went with me wherever I went and no matter how accomplished and successful I was in the eyes of others. After a long period of hard work and struggle I finally achieved many things (that I thought) I wanted. However, I still wasn’t feeling happy or fulfilled. I realized that what I had been chasing for years was based not on my own desires but was based on what others perceived success to look like for me. Using the knowledge and tools from all of my teachers and mentors I began to look at how I could identify my true life’s calling, my ‘Personal Legend’ and then systemize that process so I could help others free themselves from the anxiety, stress, depression and feelings of unfulfillment associated with living an inauthentic life.”

“I am now able to accept myself with love and am at peace with the person I am. I live my life authentically focusing on what my heart tells me, my ‘Personal Legend’. Because I’ve been through a lot along the way, I know how it feels. I am now here to help others to embark on an accelerated journey of self-discovery, self-accuracy, fine-tuning, optimizing, planning and executing and maintaining living their best, most authentic lives. My mission is to help set as many people as possible on the path to start ‘Living Their Legend’.“

Todd Luongo - Co-Founder, Legendary Life

A founding partner of Legendary Life, Todd Luongo is a respected and in-demand executive advisor, consultant and investor for Silicon Valley start-ups as well as being a serial entrepreneur in his own right. Todd is also an accomplished writer, in-demand speaker, independent film producer, ardent traveler, fitness enthusiast, history buff and lifelong student of the Universe.

Todd achieved some of the highest levels of success during his career while working in executive sales positions for several world-class Silicon Valley tech companies. However, after many years of monetary and career success not accompanied by happiness and personal fulfillment Todd came to the realization that the problem was that he wasn’t “Living His Legend”. He had fallen into his career as well as his day-to-day life in a very unintentional manner years prior via a combination of misplaced ambition, external pressures, and a random series of events. And although that career was superficially very successful and financially lucrative it didn’t represent his “Personal Legend”.

Todd’s journey in identifying his ‘Personal Legend’, pivoting from the life that had chosen him and down a more intentional and focused path to a life of his choosing that is aligned with his authentic self, was the seedling for Legendary Life. The unique processes, exercises, and tactical tools that Todd studied, utilized, developed and refined over many years to facilitate and optimize his journey to ‘Live His Legend’ were some of the cornerstones used to build the content for the Legendary Life Products, Masterminds and Courses.

In Todd’s Own Words:

I was inspired to co-create Legendary Life to support others in their journeys to uncover, pursue and realize their Personal Legends.”

“I spent years running until I dropped in order to win a race that I ultimately realized I didn’t belong in anyway. I was working obsessively hard to achieve “success” in a life that wasn’t in alignment with my ‘Personal Legend’. At the same time I was unhappy, frustrated, angry and anxious on almost a daily basis and I couldn’t figure out why. Then one day on vacation I was browsing through a small book store in a mountain village in Colorado when I randomly started leafing through a book that someone had forgotten to return to the shelves. That book was ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this modern classic, ‘The Alchemist’ is a parable about an Andalusian shepherd boy who is set on a journey to discover and fulfill his ‘Personal Legend’.

“A Personal Legend is sort of like your life’s ideal destiny. What we were ‘meant’ to do and to become. Sort of like an agreement between our Soul and the Universe, imprinted in our hearts and subconscious, specifying the souls we are meant to encounter, the things we are meant to experience, to accomplish, and to learn in this lifetime. Although we may write the script of our lives as we go along using our free will, the idea is that there is also an outline of our life that is drafted before we are born. And that when we identify and begin to pursue our Personal Legend, that which is in alignment with this ‘life outline’ then the whole Universe conspires to help us achieve it. The closer you are to your ‘Personal Legend’, the easier things come to you and the happier and more fulfilled you become.”

“After reading this book I had an epiphany that my discontent and negative emotions were directly tied to the fact that I wasn’t living my best, most authentic life. I wasn’t ‘Living My Legend’. However, I also quickly realized that knowing that you aren’t ‘Living Your Legend’ is only the first step in the process to actually ‘Living Your Legend’.” Thus I begun a journey that took me many years; to identify, pursue and to begin authentically ‘Living My Legend’

“For many years I studied, utilized, developed and refined several unique processes, exercises, and tactical tools to help people identify their ‘Personal Legend’ while also assisting them with expediting, facilitating and optimizing their journeys to ‘Live Their Legends’. I now work to make this knowledge accessible to the Legendary Life community via the products and content we deliver to our community.”