Legendary Life recently launched the Live Your Legendary Life phone app as an additional tool that we have developed to help people uncover, pursue, and realize their Personal Legends. Available for both iPhone and Android. The Live Your Legendary Life app is designed to be a powerful digital toolbox for Living Your Legend.

Legendary Life is launching multiple, individual modules within the Legendary Life – Live Your Legendary Life App that can be used either independently or together as part of your overall Legendary Lifestyle. All the modules are designed to help you on your journey to find, pursue and “Live Your Legend”. These modules will assist in your pursuit of self-optimization, balance, and fulfillment in every aspect of life.

Currently included are the following seven individual modules: Time Tracker, Affirmations, Youth Affirmations, Journaling, No Phone Challenge, Gratitude, and New Minimalism.

Time Tracker

Feel anxiety, stress, and overwhelm? It’s time for you to track your time. Legendary Life makes it quick and easy.


A consistent affirmation practice can make you feel stronger, more confident, happier, better balanced, healthier, and more productive. All while reducing anxiety and fearfulness.


A research-based affirmations practice developed and optimized specifically for kids. Using this fun and easy-to-use module only 5 minutes per day can empower kids to Create and Live their Legendary Lives.


Journaling is one of the most powerful habits that you can acquire in your journey to uncover, pursue, reach and ultimately to “Live Your Legend”.

New Minimalism

Having less to achieve more. Legendary Life New Minimalism will empower you to live more simply to achieve your goals while avoiding anxiety and overwhelm.


Use gratitude to sleep better, improve physical, psychological, and spiritual health and to enhance your empathy and self-esteem.

No Phone Challenge

Be more present, focused, productive and less anxious by regularly taking part in our “No Phone Challenge (ironically by tracking your progress with your phone).

The premium version of the LiveYourLegendary phone app is priced at $3.99 / month ($47.88 / year) on the Apple and Google App Stores. For a limited time, we are offering the premium subscriptions here for only $24.95 for the first full year exclusively here on our website.

You can also try out the free version of the app by downloading it at the Apple App Store or Google Play store for your iPhone or Android. The free version contains the complete Time Management module as well as limited use versions of the Affirmations and Journaling modules.


At Legendary Life we like to remind people, “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”

Most people are pressured at a young age to choose a particular path in life. ⁣Instead of listening to their inner voice and letting their passion and aptitude guide their choices they succumb to pressures from outside sources.⁣ ⁣

Many of these people go on years later to realize that their personal and professional unhappiness and discontentment stem from this choice that they may have made as early as their teens.⁣

By the time they come to this realization, some (mistakenly) believe that it’s too late to do anything about it.

It’s never too late to do what we love and achieve the fulfilling life that we were meant to have. ⁣

But it does take willpower and commitment to take action every single day to make the necessary changes. We are here to help you get there.

The LiveYourLegendaryLife phone app along with our other digital products, physical products, tools, and knowledge services, are all designed to help empower, educate, and guide you on your journey to Live Your Legend.