The Legendary Affirmation Cards – Youth Edition

Manifest your Legendary Life using the Awesome Power of Affirmations.

Recommended for ages 7+, each pack contaings:

  • 90 Affirmation Cards
  • 25 Emoji Stickers
  • 20 Blank Affirmation Cards
  • A free #LiveYourLegend silicone wristband




Affirmation Cards – Youth Edition by Legendary Life



✅ OUR LEGENDARY AFFIRMATION CARDS, NOW IN YOUTH EDITION: Building on the huge success of Legendary Life’s original Affirmation Cards pack. Legendary Life is now offering a new and exciting youth edition, suitable for ages 7+, containing a wide range of features designed to assist young people in living their personal Legends!

✅ USE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Compact and perfect for on-the-go. Secretly sneak a loving affirmation card into your child’s lunch box for a perfect mid-day hug, even when you’re apart.

✅ RESEARCH BASED: Experiments in quantum physics scientifically prove the ability for people to alter physical reality using the power of focused thought. A regular affirmation practice can help you manifest your Legendary Life in just 5 minutes per day, whatever age you are.

✅ PERSONAL AFFIRMATIONS: Each pack of Affirmation Cards also includes a) 20 blank cards for creating personalized affirmations, b) a “#liveyourlegend” wristband that will remind your child/teenager to keep their positive, confident mindset all day long, c) a detailed, yet easy to follow instructions booklet, d) emoji stickers that can be used in conjunction with the blank cards to create personalized affirmations, that are ideal to gift to friends, and e) a durable slip case with a handy magnet fastener that is portable and designed for regular use.

✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Backed by our no-hassle, 30-day money-back guarantee. Add it to your cart now and consider getting another one for a friend.


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Empower your child with 90 unique, carefully selected affirmations that are curated to meet children’s psychological, social, and developmental health needs.

The Affirmation Cards – Youth Edition were developed by Legendary Life using a research-based approach to create a fun yet powerful tool that children/teenagers can utilize every day to create and expand upon their affirmation practices. These exclusive sets of affirmation cards were designed to create an immense impact on all areas of life. Each pack contains 90 unique, positive affirmations that cover all aspects of your child/teenager’s life. The set comes packaged in a sleek, reusable travel slip case. We also include 20 blank cards and 25 emoji stickers with every pack for the user to create their own, personalized affirmations. Lastly, as a free bonus, we include a rubber “#LIVEYOURLEGEND” wristband.

A consistent affirmation practice of only 5 minutes per day can make you child/teenager happier, healthier, more confident, productive, and better balanced.

Don’t waste any more time – take action to help your child start living their Legendary Life today by adding a pack of the ‘Legendary Affirmation Cards – Youth Edition’ to your cart right now!

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