The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal

Daily guided journal to optimize organization, empowerment and gratitude practices.

The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal is a research-based guide to goal setting, self improvement and personal growth.



Perfect Minimalist’s Journal by Legendary Life



✅ ALL-IN-ONE COMPREHENSIVE JOURNAL: The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal has 5 different, recurring elements: A CUSTOM HABIT TRACKER as well as MONTH IN A GLANCE, THIS WEEK, DAY AND NIGHT, and the DO YOUR THING pages. This comprehensive format gives users everything needed to empower and inspire them to optimize their mindset, organize, reflect, practice gratitude, pursue their goals & dreams and take ownership of their lives.

✅ INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES PROVIDE MOTIVATION: The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal is full of inspirational quotes from celebrated people, designed to keep you on track and motivated as you progress along your journey towards your goals.

✅ THE PERFECT GIFT: Designed in a unisex motif, it makes a great gift for any gender, and since the pages are undated, the journal is evergreen.

✅ PERFECTLY MINIMALIST: Recently, the minimalist lifestyle has spread like wildfire worldwide. Consumers all over the world are searching for quality products that fit their new values and standards. The minimalism and self-development community go hand in hand and The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal serves both.

✅ A UNIQUE, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN DESIGN: The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal is a premium quality product that has been designed with consistent use in mind. The pages are made from premium quality paper stock that will not bleed through. The hardback bound cover with soft-touch lamination is sleek and on-trend, yet eye-catching, beautiful, and ideal for journaling. At 5 x 9 inches, The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal will comfortably fit in most handbags, tote bags, laptop bags or briefcases.


Perfect Minimalist's Journal by Legendary Life (Quote)

The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal is full of useful features to guide you as you progress towards living your Legend.

‘Month in a Glance’: Using prompts and questions, describe the previous month and set goals for the month that follows.

‘Habit Tracker’: Define the good habits you wish to keep to, as well as the bad habits you intend to avoid. Use the provided tracked to mark the days in which you achieve your goals.

‘This Week’: Is there something important happening next week? Will something likely occur that is worth additional consideration? If so, use the free space provided that has been conveniently separated by weekday, to plan your week ahead and get a head start on what’s important.

‘Gratitude Page’: The journal contains 6 months’ worth of daily ‘Gratitude Pages’. Each page is split into a morning and evening section, comprising of prompts and questions to assist the user in feeling gratitude.

‘Do Your Thing’: This completely free space is perfect for brainstorming, drawing, creating a stream of consciousness, venting, or manifesting.

Journaling is a practical and accessible way to stay connected to your inner self, your body, your dreams, and your purpose in life.

The Perfect Minimalist’s Journal will help empower you to create and maintain the Legendary Life that you deserve.

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Perfect Minimalist's Journal by Legendary Life (Statement)



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