The Legendary Relationship Journal

A fun, easy to follow, research based, all-in-one tool, for strengthening, enhancing and optimizing your relationship.

170 pages. 9 x 5 inches. Lasts 6 months with daily use.


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 Relationship Journal by Legendary Life.



✅ ALL-IN-ONE COMPREHENSIVE COUPLES JOURNAL: Ideal for couples that wish to take their relationship to a higher level. The Legendary Relationship Journal was developed using the latest research in interpersonal dynamics, psychology, sociology, and personal development.

✅ CREATE THE ATMOSPHERE YOUR RELATIONSHIP DESERVES: Using carefully selected prompts that encourage you to think more deeply about your individual desires, as well as the desires you share as a couple, you will learn to communicate more openly with each other, developing a closer bond that will provide numerous benefits along the pathway to achieving your relationship goals.

✅ DESIGN THE RELATIONSHIP THAT YOUR HEART DESIRES: The Legendary Relationship Journal is the perfect tool to help couples that wish to establish, or continue working towards, a healthy and more intimate relationship. Included within the Legendary Relationship Journal are numerous features that will allow you to define what is important, plan for its success, and then track the progress you make as a couple.

✅ KEEP ON TRACK: The Legendary Relationship Journal includes a unique feature – the ‘day guide’ – that will help you and your partner keep on track and optimize the many benefits of consistent journaling as a couple.

✅ A UNIQUE, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN DESIGN: The Legendary Relationship Journal is a premium quality product that has been designed with consistent use in mind. The pages are made from premium quality paper stock that will not bleed through. The hardback bound cover with soft-touch lamination is sleek and on-trend, yet eye-catching, beautiful, and ideal for journaling. At 5 x 9 inches, The Legendary Relationship Journal will comfortably fit in most handbags, tote bags, laptop bags or briefcases.


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The Legendary Relationship Journal by Legendary Life was born out of the need to create a comprehensive journal that helps couples define, plan for, and ultimately achieve, their relationship goals. Research shows that healthy, intimate relationships provide benefits far beyond fulfilling our need for love and companionship. The Legendary Relationship Journal provides the tools to make this your reality.

Our journal is hardback bound with soft-touch lamination ensuring a durable and attractive finish. Made of premium quality heavy stock paper with a no-smudge finish that is beautiful and ideal for journaling. The sleek yet eye-catching design makes this the perfect gift for any couple, or indeed, you and your partner.

Easy to follow journal with prompts that keep you and your partner motivated, balanced, and inspired as you progress your journey towards achieving your relationship goals.

Multiple features:

  • My Atmosphere: Define what is important to you as an individual. This serves as a great starting point as you and your partner openly communicate your desires for the relationship.
  • Our Atmosphere: Define your shared desires for the relationship. Having a clear shared vision is an important step in achieving a relationship atmosphere that works for both you and your partner.
  • Setting Big Goals: This is the place for you, as a couple, to aim for the big goals you wish to pursue and achieve together. Big goals typically take months or even years to achieve – such as, buying a house or getting married.
  • Setting Goals for Next Week: In this section, we focus on the smaller, often recurring goals in our lives. What goals are important for you to achieve on a weekly basis?
  • Let’s Review Last Week: This feature, allows you and your partner to quickly assess the progress that was made towards the smaller goals that were set at the beginning of the week.
  • Let’s Chat: Communication is key to having a legendary relationship. This section of the journal will spark communication with carefully selected prompts designed to engage you and your partner in positive dialogue.
  • Progressing Towards Big Goals: This fun-to-complete section serves as a much-needed check-up where progress towards the big goals set earlier in the journal can be measured. Due to the carefully considered design, this section – inserted once per month – can be used to quickly draw comparisons with previous entries, making progress even easier to check/measure.
  • Let’s Save Together: Planning a holiday? Considering budgeting for a new house? Whatever your shared goals are, if they require budgeting to achieve, this section – that includes numerous tools – will help you save together.

Journaling is a practical and accessible way to stay connected to your inner self, your body, your dreams, and your purpose in life. The Legendary Relationship Journal will help empower you to create and maintain the Legendary Life that you and your partner deserve.

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