The Legendary Visualization Journal

The Legenday Visualization Journal is a manifestation workbook: 7-day guided Law of Attraction planner – Clarify your thinking and live the life that you deserve.


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Visualization Journal by Legendary Life



✅ A STEP BY STEP DETAILED GUIDE: This 70+ page Visualization Journal will help you create a vision of your future life through achievable daily exercises while providing you with helpful information along the way.

✅ LIVE YOUR DAYDREAM: A Visualization Journal is a powerful tool to write the script of your Legendary Life. Journaling allows you to evoke mindfulness and achieve life-enhancing goals.

✅ FOR PEOPLE WHO DESIRE TO BETTER THEIR LIVES: Upon completion of the 7-day Visualization Journey the journalists will get to know themselves more deeply and create a vision of their future lives through a series of unique, highly effective, guided, daily exercises.

 PUT YOURSELF IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT: Find out what excuses are holding you back, eliminate roadblocks and live a fear-free life.

✅ A PERFECT GIFT: High standards, research-based, unisex motif, sleek design, premium quality, and durable.


Visualization Journal by Legendary Life (Quote)


If you believe that you are meant for more. If your current life is not fulfilling you as much as it could. If you realise that change is required in order to reach your goals, then this Visualization Journal may be the perfect tool to start you on the pathway to the LEGENDARY LIFE you deserve.

Upon completion of the 7 Day Visualization Journal you will get to know yourself much more deeply. You may even discover things you didn’t already know about yourself. Let’s uncover those wonderfully unique parts of you that make you, you. The parts that may have been buried or temporarily put aside. You deserve to be happy, fearless and free of what-ifs! Now is the time to move forward towards a greater future that is more aligned with who you are and what you want to achieve.

The Promise of this Workbook: We promise to help you create a vision of your future life. We will assist by guiding you through achievable daily exercises and providing you with helpful information along the way. We are confident that through journaling you will make many positive changes to both your current and future life. The more energy and time you are able to commit to your practise, the more you will gain back from it.

LEGENDARY LIFE is the creator of the Legendary Visualization Journal. Our mission is to empower, equip and inform the pursuit of self-optimisation, balance and fulfilment in every aspect of life via a sustainable and compassionate lifestyle. Legendary Life exists to inspire you to uncover and pursue your Personal Legend. We want you to Live Your Legend with passion every single day, in all facets of your life: health, family, relationships, spirituality and career.


Your future self is your new best friend

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Visualization Journal by Legendary Life (Statement)

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