Too many of us have become dangerously addicted to our phones. Wasting hours per day on unhealthy and unproductive online behavior. As a community we are using a device that was built to better connect us in such a way that it only reinforces and strengthens the illusion of our separation from each other and from the natural world around us. At its best this behavior is a harmless, yet unproductive distraction to the stresses of life. At its worst it may be a danger to our collective mental health and goal of living in a healthy, prosperous, evolving, peaceful, and authentically connected society.

So, what can we do to break the addiction and its mental health impact while also bringing awareness to the positive aspects of regularly unplugging? By hacking our own subconscious. By being intentional about taking back full sovereignty of our own behavior. By resetting our brains back to “factory settings”. By reconditioning ourselves in a conscious, positive way through taking part in the “Legendary Life No Phone Challenge”.




The Legendary Life No Phone Challenge isn’t anti-phone, anti-tech, anti-corporate or anti-anything. It is pro-mental health, pro-self-optimization and actualization. Our personal devices provide many benefits when used consciously as tools to improve and augment our lives. However, they aren’t positive when you treat them as “your life”. At that point they are using you as the tool instead of vice versa. We’ve been programmed to see our phones as extensions of and integral parts of our very existence.

Legendary Life will provide all the free tools, technology, guidance, and support anyone could need to successfully tackle this challenge while at the same time having fun, spreading awareness about an important topic, and promoting some friendly competition across communities.

One of the goals of this challenge is for people to make the choice to consciously deprogram themselves. To once again see their phones and apps, simply as tools to enhance, educate, and connect them to the people, places, and things in the real world that they want to experience.

Our larger goal, in addition to challenging our community to take an action that will improve their productivity and personal mental health, is to bring awareness and support to the global mental health crisis that we currently face.

What does the challenge involve?

The Legendary Life No Phone Challenge (#LLNoPhoneChallenge) is designed to last 66 days. This is the magic threshold that scientists and personal optimization specialists have calculated to be the number of days the average person takes to fully adopt a new habit. The challenge seeks to use this principle alongside several other science-backed methods to break the control your device and apps may have over you, allowing you to reset your brain and adopt other practices that benefit your state of mind, provide the downtime you rightly deserve and build sturdy foundations as you rise towards success in all areas of life, whatever success means to you.

Specifically, to complete the challenge you must do all the following for 66-days consistently and without pause:

Turn your phone off 4 times each day: 1) During sleep, 2) The first hour of your day, 3) The last hour of your day, and 4) For 1 ‘flex’ hour that can be at any time that suits you.

Create and execute on positive, healthy, and personalized morning and evening routines, each day.

Journal: Do any kind of journaling you wish whether it be free form journaling or guided journaling using prompts.

Practice gratitude: Start and end your day with gratitude. Write down at least one (but it can be more than one!) thing that you are grateful for.

Complete a daily act of service: This can be as simple as bringing a little trash bag on your daily walk in your neighborhood park and picking up some trash along the way on the trail. It can be checking in and having a quick chat with an elderly neighbor or giving some leftover food, toiletries, or old clothing to one of the homeless in your neighborhood.

Daily reconnection: Each day, reach out and make contact with at least one person per day from your past or someone you haven’t touched base with in a while. The goal here is to simply check in on them, catch up and say that you were thinking of them and hoping they were well. No business agenda allowed.

No & Low socials: The idea here is to use your socials intentionally and not to give in to the subconscious programming that has been done to you that makes you want to pick up your phone and mindlessly scroll your feeds like a zombie every time you are bored, distracted, uncomfortable, etc.

No arguing with or criticizing anyone online. At all.

No corporate news. At all.

There is a lot of fantastic information on our website that explains the rules and benefits in greater detail. Head over there now, join our community and feel inspired. CLICK HERE.

How to use Youth Affirmations with your child

Simple! We have provided all the tools and technology required to complete the #LLNoPhoneChallenge. Click here to GO TO OUR WEBSITE. There, you will find progress badges to download and post on your social media that let your friends and followers know you are taking part, as well as the stage that you are at. You’ll also find the challenge’s rules and a lot more information to get you excited. Remember, challenges are always more fun when you do them with others, so don’t forget to forward the Legendary Life No Phone Challenge to your family, friends and colleagues.

Give yourself the best chance of completing the Legendary Life No Phone Challenge by downloading the Legendary Life Phone App, featuring the ‘No Phone Challenge’ module.




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Final Thoughts

“Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social.”

Jay Baer, Convince & Convert


With the support of our community and the free tools and information available here, join the Legendary Life No Phone Challenge. Remove the dependency you have on your mobile and re-connect with yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.


Build your Legend with the rest of the community.