Hitting your lowest low may be, in a sense, one of the best things to ever happen to you. Maybe more than once. This may be an OPPORTUNITY, the one you have been wanting, waiting or hoping for to get to the place you really want to be in your life.

In no way is hitting rock bottom something that feels good, but one thing that is for sure; It is NOT THE END.


It did not come in the way you wanted

Most of the time these events come to us unexpectedly, and surely are quite unpleasant. However, realizing that you are the only one who is responsible for climbing up may be the push you need to light a fire inside of you.

This may be an opportunity

It may be difficult to see it in the moment, but new opportunities are often born from these experiences. Something amazing may be coming. Keep an eye out and reflect on inner desires, interests and passions.

You are not alone

But remember, you are not alone. You do not need to bear the weight of your pain and struggles onto others, but you can REACH OUT. Do not be afraid to express your struggles and ask for help. Many people are willing to help those who really want it.

This will not be easy

In whichever way your life has hit rock bottom, there is a way up. It will not be the same way or timeline for everyone, however. you may receive more positive responses than you expect. That is because many of us have been there before and we want to help those who truly want to help themselves.


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#LiveYourLegend Weekly Challenge

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Final Thoughts

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

J.K. Rowling

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