Stop Feeling Overwhelmed Immediately

Are you often feeling overwhelmed throughout your day?

I certainly am. I work on so many projects simultaneously that I feel needed in so many places and by so many people, all at once.

As an HSP, highly sensitive person, I feel a constant need to deliver and fear greatly of disappointing others.

However, I found a hack that helps me prioritize and eliminate feeling overwhelmed in under five minutes.

If your to-do list is never ending, like mine, this trick will save you..

All you have to do is ask yourself this one question, and come at it from different angles. 

The question is this:

“Do I have to do this RIGHT NOW?”

HERE is how you can work with it:

1. “Do *I* have to do this right now?” …as in, can someone else do it for you.

2. “Do I *Have* to do this right now?” As in, is this something you WANT to do? feel pressured to do? Think is a good idea to do?

3. “Do I have *to do* this right now?” …what will happen if you DON’T do it at all today?

4. “Do I have to do *this* right now?” Is this the most IMPORTANT thing to do right now?

5. “Do I have to do this *right now*?” Can this be POSTPONED to later today, tomorrow, next day?

What do you think about this hack?

Will you give it a go the next time that you are overwhelmed with your to-do list?


Lee Snir