I really hate cold showers! I cannot jump into the shower until it’s nearly boiling hot and my skin is tinted red when I am done. Going into cold showers or any body of cold water is just something that is not so easy for a lot of us to do.

However, taking regular cold showers or cold plunges have been shown to provide the following benefits.⁣


Benefits you can see

Some of the benefits, while they normally are part of our aesthetics and outside appearance, they are also signs of a healthy body and system. Some of these benefits include improved hair and skin as well as weight loss stimulation.

Benefits you can feel

Other benefits of cold water plunges or showers, are ones we will feel. The muscle soreness we experience after physical activity may now disappear faster. The other great benefits are psychological. It can help with anxiety and depression.

What's the hardest part?

The hardest part is actually getting into a cold shower. Of course. Ouch! Right? Actually, you may and will hopefully grow accustomed to this as you make it part of a regular routine or schedule. Next is a hack on how to get started. This hack will help even the most ardent hot water shower lover to transition to an early morning arctic explorer of the shower variety. ⁣

Cold water hack

Start by getting into a shower set at your normal water temperature. Then turn the temperature to the coldest setting. The first day start with doing this for ten seconds before changing the temperature back to your normal temperature. The second day do 15 seconds, the third day 30 seconds and so on until you are making your entire shower a chillfest. 


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Final Thoughts

“Being a fish out of water is tough, but that’s how you evolve.”

Kumail Nanjiani

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