It’s no secret that alcohol is terrible for your body. 

Besides the painful hangovers, alcohol can impact your anxiety and concentration levels, impact your sleep, judgement and memory. Sure, it’s OK in moderation, but there’s a new trend amongst millennials that actually involves not drinking at all.

Enter: the Mocktail Movement



Beverage companies are betting on this No-Drinking trend as less of a fad and more of a long-term movement. “Fun without the booze,” if you will. According to Time Magazine, “with Budweiser and Bud Light sales faltering, parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) has invested in everything from fruit juice to probiotic drinks, and has committed to making 20% of its beer volume no- or low-alcohol by 2025.”

Restaurants and bars are hopping on the trend too — offering more cocktails that are well, now mocktails. You still get the experience of sipping on a tasty drink, just minus the booze. In fact, there is actually a no-alcohol bar based in NYC. Listen Bar, targeted at those folks who want the social environment of going out with friends to a bar, but without the pressure of drinking. 

While we believe that most things in life can be enjoyed in moderation, it’s never a bad idea to take a step back and ask yourself if the things you “enjoy in moderation” are actually bringing you any joy at all.

This “sober curious” movement, as they coin it, is interesting in all the best ways. It encourages a social environment that isn’t so heavily reliant on the safety net of alcohol — making our connections and relationships in life that much stronger. 


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Final Thoughts

“We all want to know and be known. That’s why doing good is so powerful when the focus is first and foremost the people and not the project.”

Chris Marlow


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