Redefining what it means to be “single” on #SinglesAwarenessDay

This week we’re all about self-love. For some, Valentine’s Day was a chance to hit the town for a fancy dinner with your significant other and for others, it was a night to indulge on chocolates and several glasses of red wine with your friends. Today is #SingleAwarenessDay, or some have dubbed as #SAD.

What’s “sad” about being single? Nothing.

This week we’re here to talk through the value of being alone and creating your own Personal Legend, for nobody else but yourself.



What does it mean to be single?

“Single” and “lonely” are often accompanied by one another. Without a partner to share your life with, who are you? Perhaps that’s why #SAD was created–to pay homage to all of the “lonely” folks of the world the day after you’re reminded of how single you actually are.
We don’t believe in the idea of having a “better half.” We don’t believe humans should complete each other, or were meant to, for that matter. We were born to build our own life, write our own stories, and create our own Personal Legends. At Legendary Life, we’re here to help get you started.

You don’t need to be in a relationship to benefit from understanding your Love Language. Knowing how you best give and receive love can help you better love yourself. Use your Love Language to help you complete the weekly challenge below.

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#LiveYourLegend Weekly Challenge

Draft what you believe to be your Personal Legend. Who were you meant to be? This doesn’t have to be to be career-oriented. We want to focus on you and your soul, your passions, and your goals. We will feature some of our favorite Personal Legends in next week’s newsletters. Tweet your Legends @LegendaryLife2

Final Thoughts

We weren’t meant to be anybody’s “better half.” We were born create a life for ourselves, with or without a significant other. Once we discover how to live a complete life while completely on our own, we can start living our Personal Legends.


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