What kind of Scorpio are you?

It’s Scorpio season! Emotional, imaginative and intense, Scorpio is like the big, bad sister of the Water sign crew. Passionate, persistent, loyal and forever curious, Scorpios are a force to be reckoned with. Like all Zodiac signs, there are different types of Scorpios. Where do you fall?



Scorpios with an Aries moon

Emotionally, Aries-moon Scorpios can be very independent and forthright about how they feel. They are also known to have a temper — these Scorpios should practice patience with people in their life.

Scorpios with a Taurus moon

A Taurus sign is very sensual — pairing that with the deep passionate traits of a Scorpio, intimacy and physical connection can be really important for their physical and mental health.

Scorpios with a Gemini moon

Some Scorpios are extremely communicative, while others keep everything to themselves. When Gemini traits are thrown in, Scorpios seem to be more expressive.

Scorpios with a Cancer moon

Here you have two water signs — this feelings get really deep. These Scorpios tend to keep a tough exterior but they don’t always show the heavy emotions they carry.


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Even if you aren’t a Scorpio, which Scorpio moon sign do you best associate with?

Final Thoughts

You’ll be able to inform if there’s magic in one thing. If you begin it, you need to end it, and also you need it to be good.


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