What workout to do based on your mood

Let’s face it. There are some days where we just don’t want to exercise. Whether you had one too many margaritas the night before or your significant other just broke up with you, there are times when nothing seems more appealing than laying in your bed all day.

Exercise is a mood-booster and pumps endorphins out — but there are so many types of exercises to achieve this. We’ve created a list of various types of workouts you can do based on your mood.



Feeling sad? Go for a swim.

Swimming is a fantastic low-impact cardio exercise — and is there anything more soothing than being in the water? You can go at your own pace and you’re not being pressured by others as you might feel in a group workout setting. And if you just want to float and be in your own feels? That’s cool too.

Feeling antsy and/or excited? Let's sweat it out at a bootcamp-style class.

Use that extra “oomph” to challenge yourself with a boot camp class incorporating intervals and group work. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) help improve cardiovascular fitness and also build muscle strength and create a metabolic afterburn effect–an effect that keeps your muscles working for hours after the workout ends.

Feeling angry? Channel it at kickboxing.

Hit something (not someone) at a high-intensity kickboxing class to get that anger out and turn it into something positive. Process the emotions of a rough day as you punch, jab and high kick your way through the killer workout.

Feeling happy? Go for a run.

Utilize that positive energy and get outside for a run! Running significantly increases your endorphin count and is also a great cardiovascular workout–let’s get your brain, heart and body happy. Let’s channel your positive vibes into a productive workout!

Feeling stressed? Yoga it out.

Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise. One of the best times to exercise your brain is a low-impact yoga session where you can focus on your breath and the present month with mindful movements. Yoga significantly helps with stress and anxiety and is much more beneficial than being home alone with your thoughts.


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Channel your mood with exercise. Don’t force yourself to do a high impact cardio class if all you want to do is sit and meditate at yoga. Listen to your body.

Final Thoughts

“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.”

Gene Tunney


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