This may be what some consider to be minimalism, but it is not so. It is about letting go of attachment. It does not necessarily mean you reduce your life to 3 sets of underwear and only take cold baths, however it may be something like that if you wish :)

This is what minimalism is not.


Reducing your belongings to nearly nothing

Minimalism presents itself and is experienced in many types of ways depending on your current life dynamics, job, needs and location. There are various forms of minimalism. In the beginning of your minimalism journey, it may involve the process of purging, however it does not equal self-deprivation either.

The lifestyle is restrictive

Choosing to live a minimalist’s lifestyle should not feel like you are restricting yourself. In fact, it should feel liberating and thus reduce stress levels. If you feel like you over-purged or like you went too hardcore tp the point that you aren’t feeling right, then it is okay to replace some things. You may look into second hand options as well if you want to be more eco-conscious.

It's a millennial cult

Maybe it appears that mostly people in the millennial generation are the ones who have embraced this type of lifestyle of concept most, but it is definitely for a broader range of people. A family with a stressful and cluttered home, who just wants a bit more simplicity and organization, a digital nomad who decides he or she would like to be more mobile and feels the freedom being so light, or even just switching to a minimalist makeup routine.

Everybody will think that I am weird!

While we cannot totally deny that some people will find your new lifestyle and minimalistic choices as strange, we do know that there are so many likeminded people out there that there is no need to fret! This is not just a trend, but a movement of people who want to simplify their life a bit and let go of attachment, plus more!


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Final Thoughts

“Any half-awake materialist well knows – that which you hold holds you.”

Tom Robbins

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